Clavell Tower – Greeting Card


Greeting Card featuring Clavell Tower from an original painting by Esme James


Clavell Tower – Greeting Card

Moonlit Scenes of the Jurassic Coast collection

A greeting card perfect for any occasion printed in Dorset. It is left blank for you to write your own message and is complete with a white envelope. This is from Esme’s original painting of Clavell Tower which is a Grade II listed Tuscan style tower that was built in 1830. Perched on Hen Cliff to the East of Kimmeridge Bay it lies on the Jurassic Coast, Dorset. The original painting in a palette of tranquil blues forms part of her vibrant ‘Moonlit Scenes of the Jurassic Coast’ collection painted in acrylic on canvas.

Enjoy browsing through the rest of the collection and please do not hesitate to contact Esme if you require any further information


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